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21st Birthday Ideas for Girls: Great Ideas that you can have on Your Special Day

The long wait is over. The moment that you’ve been waiting for will be coming soon. Yes. You’re turning 21 years old already! The baby is now a lady. You will be encountering new life challenges. You have a new life and new set of challenges.

Thinking about your big day, you’re quite anxious about what are the 21st birthday ideas for a girl that you can have as options. You’re weary if the 21st birthday ideas that you have on your mind right now is enough or suitable for that momentum. Your anxiety about the birthday ideas is just a proof of how much you value this age. Of course, this is the time wherein your limitations will be disregarded or will be lessened. This is the point in your life where you will have the freedom that you’ve yearned for. Being 21 doesn’t mean that you can just simply do whatever you want to do. It means that yes you have enough liberty to do those things but you will be accountable for those actions. That is the essence of being an adult. You are responsible of yourself, but you can still run to your parents if you need to.

Binge every single moment of your 21st birthday. Consider making it as the most extravagant birthday you’ve had. You can plan of booking a dinner cruise for you and your family and maybe some of your friends in a local harbor or river. You can also have a week-long cruise.  Cruises involve few rooms, so it is a fresh idea for a 21 year old. You can consider having a dance party while on the cruise. You, your family and your friends can enjoy a live band. Picking a certain dress code that will suit that cruise will be much better. You can have a fancy dress theme or Hawaiian inspired theme.

It has been a tradition in the United States that the birthday celebrant will be taken to a bar or disco and enjoy the booze and wines since 21 is the legal age for a drinking spree. Well, to make you’re bar hopping experience unique, you can play a little scavenger hunt. During the day, you can leave some clues on the bars that you’ll be visiting at night. You can leave the clues to the bar managers or bartenders. The clue and prize will be found on the last bar that you and your friends will go into.

The greatest option that you can have for your birthday is an intimate dinner with your family and friends. You can do it in your friend’s place, in your place or in a nearby restaurant. This is a good option if partying is far from your personality. You can just simply enjoy the night with family and friends with a little touch of fine dining. You can also consider having a barbecue party at the back of your house. Or you can consider a pool party in the morning or at night.

It is much better to celebrate the special day of your life in your own nook and spend it with the most special people in your life.


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21st Birthday Ideas: Sentimental Birthday Ideas for Girls

Everyone wants to make his or her birthday happy. Of course, this is considered as the most important event annually. We will always find a way to make it special. With or without grand celebration, our birthdays will always be the most special occasion in our lives.

Reaching the ripe adult age of 21 should be a memorable event. Though we can turn 21 for several times in our lives, make the first turn to be the best. 21 years old is traditionally the right age at which our parents entrust us the key, the key to our house and the key to the door of great possibilities. Though there are still some who commemorates 18 as the greatest turning point in life but the age of 21 still holds the magical key. This is the point wherein you can really say to yourself that you’re an official adult already. This is the right point in your life when you can say that you’re responsible enough to be tagged as an adult and that you’re ready to ‘be an adult’.

Though the traditional idea of turning 21 centers on legality for drinking and being on clubs and bars, there are still other great 21st birthday ideas. It would be so nice if you will be able to come up first with 21st birthday ideas for girls that can be so serene and sentimental, and then the rest of other lavish ideas will follow.

You can gather some of her photos from birth until her 21st birthday. Arrange the pictures in a chronological order in a scrap book or life-size picture frame. You add some messages or notes about each picture. This will surely touch the heart of the birthday celebrant. This will remind her that she’s no longer an ordinary teenager but a full grown adult. You can take a look on the pictures on the night of her birthday party and have a short reminiscing of that young and sweet little girl.

A perfect gift to be given to the birthday girl is a personalized, soda, wine, water or beer bottles. You can download a picture of a soda bottle label from the web and use a bit of magic of photo-editing software to incorporate the image of the birthday girl onto the label. You can add some heartwarming messages or wishes from relatives and friends. Print the label and make sure that it will fit your chosen bottle. You can give this personalized stuff on the day of her birthday celebration.

Making a short audio/video of greetings will be great for the full grown woman. You can make a video recording of the relatives and friends, making their greetings and telling their inspirational messages for the celebrant. To make it more special, you can try to track down her childhood friends and coordinate with them or relatives that they haven’t seen for such a long time. This idea is so perfect if she’s far from her family for college. You can also consider doing a recording of the 21 most inspiring people in her life. It may be simple for others but the celebrant will surely appreciate it. Simple thoughts and simple ways are always the best.

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